You bring the story, we make the game.


Tailor-made and personalised videogames, as unique as your loved one.

We design and deliver:
* High quality custom-made videogames
*super-personalised to tell your story
*get one made as a gift to play at a wedding, birthday & more.

Gift a game for someone special
and be a #GiftGivingHero.

Attentive service with every pixel

Step 1
Talk to us

No matter where you are in the world, we’ll organise an initial consultation to hear all about your loved one and the special occasion. We’ll take notes on the story you want to tell, and the fun anecdotes you want to include to begin developing the unique game idea. Whether it’s for a man or woman, boy or girl, a happy couple on their wedding day or anniversary, we’ll be sure to put their personality and stories into a fun game.

Step 2

In just 3 weeks, be amazed at the game ideas and graphics we prepare and show you in a storyboard. You’ll see how each game level pans out while we show off all the personal touches like the characters and ways to win points. Whether it’s including favourite colours, products or places, you’ll love the storyboard we show you. Presented digitally and in a printed pack, we can send this to you wherever you are in the world.

Step 3
Develop & deliver!

After the storyboard stage, our dedicated team, (including top artists and developers hand-selected from around the world), get to work programming your unique game. When it’s ready, we can set it up to be played online, or even as an arcade style game at a venue – just let us know what you need!
Each Luxury Videogame comes with Our Promise, including a Certificate of Authenticity and a 5 year guarantee.

Order now in time for Christmas and Thanksgiving

Bring everyone together with a unique videogame this Christmas or Thanksgiving,
or send your Luxury Videogame to someone this year to show them you care.

Millions of people buy games for the holidays, but why have a game that everyone else has?
Play your personalised game and give an unforgettable festive gift this year.

Read about the
festive package here


Have your wedding guests play out how you met, and compete in how the future will unfold! 

Buy an unforgettabe tailor-made game, uniquely about the happy couple and their friends, families and stories. Guaranteed conversation maker and brilliant fun! A super-personalised wedding game can be shipped to the wedding venue as an arcade, or set up on a machine of your choice. The happy couple can treasure their game for years to come!

Read about the
wedding package here

P.S. we don’t just make Luxury Videogames for weddings! We make games to celebrate anniversaries, engagement parties, Valentine’s Day, and other milestones.


Make a birthday extra special by making someone’s story and dreams come to life.
Capture their character, hobbies, the things they love and future ambitions in a personalised game. Whether it’s for a sweet 16 or any other milestone, a bespoke game can be enjoyed at any age and be treasured for years to come. Your special someone will adore this thoughtful gift where they can re-live special moments and imagine the future in a fun way. Guaranteed to be popular at any party!

Read about the 
birthday package here

P.S. We can make your Luxury Videogame for other special occasions too – a baby shower, name day,
for Bar & Bat Mitvah event, or for the best reason: ‘just because’ 🙂

Get your Luxury Videogame in 2 ways


We will safely send and/or store your Luxury Videogame to you or the recipient. 
Ask about our digital send options when you contact us.


Polycade, the modern-retro arcade company based in LA and founded by Tyler Bushnell, already has a long list of people buying their uber cool machines for their homes and businesses. If you’d like to play your luxury VideoGame on something cool, we think Polycade machines are the way to go! After a friendly chat with the founder, Tyler Bushnell, when Luxury VideoGames was first founded, we’re happy to be given his blessing to share the coolness of Polycade on our site!
Each Polycade comes with a range of games and can be connected to the App Store and Steam, but best of all it’s a great way to experience your Luxury Videogame because, let’s face it, they look amazing. You can also take your Polycade anywhere; wall-mounted or portable-on-wheels.
What’s more, each Polycade can be customised with different colours or decals to totally harmonise with your wedding or party theme!

  • White Polycade machine with decals

Gift a videogame as unique as your loved one 
(and score many brownie points)

The Team

Paul is an award-winning filmmaker and
Betty is an award-winning game designer.
We joined forces to use our game design, storytelling, and graphics skills
to create beautiful, fun and unforgettable videogames.

Our Story

Husband-and-wife team, Paul and Betty McGhie, have been working in the creative industries all their lives. They’ve kicked ass wherever they have worked, driven by their passion for storytelling, art, film, and games, which have earned them both awards and recognition in their industries.

How did the idea for luxury Videogames come about, we hear you ask?
Betty wanted to make a videogame that their wedding guests could play on their big day – but not just any game; a super personalised game that would tell the story of how they met, incuding all their memories, fun anecdotes and adventures. But with all the craziness of running her own business, planning the wedding itself, and moving house at the time (phew!) there was just no time to develop the game!

After their wedding (which was a beautiful day) Betty and Paul were convinced other people would love this kind of game and not just for weddings; also for birthday’s, Christmas and other special occasions as the ultimate unforgettable, unique gift. They asked their friends and family who thought it was a great idea. 
And so Luxury VideoGames was born.

Betty and Paul love hearing people’s stories. Embedding unique stories of loved ones in a videogame that people will treasure for years to come, (and can even played by their own children!) is something that fills them with joy.

Get it touch and start your journey to deliver a unique experience for someone you love.

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